Our Approach

Meketa Fiduciary Management is a subsidiary of Meketa Investment Group focused exclusively on discretionary investment services.   In addition to its dedicated personnel, Meketa Fiduciary Management is able to provide world class discretionary investment solutions for our clients by leveraging the resources of Meketa Investment Group.

Experienced Fiduciaries

Meketa Investment Group began providing investment advisory services in 1978 and discretionary investment services in 2006.

Independent & Objective

Meketa Fiduciary Management is a subsidiary of Meketa Investment Group, an independent investment advisor.  We do not manage any of our own products, nor do we have any ancillary lines of business that could compromise our objectivity. Our interests are aligned with those of our clients.

World Class Resources

Meketa Fiduciary Management combines the breadth of resources of a global consulting firm with the direct asset management expertise that is critical to long-term success in the discretionary investment space.  Meketa Investment Group has over 75 investment professionals providing ongoing in-depth research into every asset class. Meketa Fiduciary Management Chief Investment Officer, Rafi Zaman, has over 27 years of portfolio management experience and leads a dedicated team of experienced investors.

Active & Opportunistic

In today’s market, the traditional buy-and-hold approach to investing may struggle to achieve the long-term return targets of many clients.  Meketa Fiduciary Management has the resources and expertise to actively position client portfolios in the best risk-adjusted opportunities as they present themselves over time.

Open & Transparent

As clients give up day-to-day control over their plan through an outsourcing relationship, communication becomes more important, not less.  Meketa Fiduciary Management provides full transparency to all of our clients, and we proactively communicate our latest thoughts and actions on a regular basis.

Customized Solutions

Meketa Fiduciary Management does not believe in the “one size fits all” approach.  Each client situation is unique, with its own challenges and considerations. As such, we provide each client with a fully customized approach.  We allow clients to determine how involved they would like to be in each aspect of the investment process and to modify their level of involvement over time.  Furthermore, each portfolio is specifically tailored to the individual needs and goals of that particular client.  Our approach allows clients to benefit from economies of scale without sacrificing customization.

Alternatives Expertise

By leveraging the alternatives markets experience and access of Meketa Investment Group, Meketa Fiduciary Management is able to provide clients with investment opportunities they may not be able to access on their own.  Private market and other alternative investment managers often require minimum commitment thresholds that can be prohibitive for all but the largest investors.  We are often able to leverage economies of scale, thereby providing smaller clients with access to leading private market managers.  Furthermore, our expertise in this area often removes the need for clients to utilize fund-of-fund providers.  As a result, clients often avoid considerable expenses (e.g., higher management fees, carried interest, and partnership/organizational expenses), while enjoying customization and increased transparency.