Meketa Fiduciary Management is a subsidiary of Meketa Investment Group, an independent investment advisor. We avoid the conflicts of interest that exist with many other discretionary advisors.


Led by our Chief Investment Officer, our team brings decades of direct money management and capital markets experience to every client engagement.


Integrity is core to our firm’s values and provides the foundation for long-term
client relationships.

Meketa Fiduciary Management, a subsidiary of Meketa Investment Group, is focused exclusively on discretionary investment services.  In addition to its dedicated personnel, Meketa Fiduciary Management is able to provide world class discretionary investment solutions for our clients by leveraging the resources of Meketa Investment Group.

Why Delegate Investment Decisions?

Delegating daily management of a portfolio can result in a more robust and opportunistic investment solution, while also freeing-up time to focus more on long-term strategic issues that are often not investment-related.  This is often referred to as the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) model.

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Why Meketa Fiduciary Management?

Meketa Fiduciary Management is a subsidiary of Meketa Investment Group, which was incorporated in 1978.  Meketa Fiduciary Management combines extensive portfolio management experience and uncompromising objectivity to provide our clients with fully customized discretionary solutions.

Our Approach

Meketa Fiduciary Management Research

Meketa Fiduciary Management is continually producing new research and market commentary to communicate our latest thoughts and views on the global capital markets. Our research is designed to be useful for non-investment professionals as well as for sophisticated investors.

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